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This is where you will find news of all my latest books - including THE DEVIL'S ANVIL - the latest in my high-octane thriller series following JOE HUNTER which was released in a hardback edition and Ebook on 4th June 2015. Also BLOOD TRACKS the first exciting Tess Grey Thriller, out Now in Hardback in the UK with Ebook and World editions to follow February 2016.


The tenth staggering Joe Hunter thriller

Accepting the task of protecting Billie Womack is a no-brainer for ex-counterterrorist soldier Joe Hunter, but it comes with its own set of complications.
Billie's husband, Richard, stole thirty million dollars from some violent people. He apparently died in a car crash with Billie's daughter, Nicola, during a desperate attempt to elude his pursuers. But his enemies don't believe him dead. They think he escaped the plunge into the icy river that killed Nicola and has now decided to come back for the money. If he's alive, they believe he'll contact Billie.
It doesn't take long for the bad guys to arrive at her remote farmhouse. Soon she and Joe are fugitives. Dead or alive, Richard's fate means nothing to Hunter, but he promises to do everything in his power to protect the grieving mother. Even if it means taking a bullet for her, it's a price he'll pay.
It's a pledge he will come to regret, as he learns that killers are forged on the Devil's anvil.

The devil's Anvil - Joe Hunter book 10 - Available in hardback and Ebook from 4th June 2015.



Introducing private investigator Tess Grey and Southern renegade ex-con Nicolas 'Po' Villere in the first of a brand-new series of fast-paced action thrillers.
When her local District Attorney offers her a considerable sum of money to track down state witness Crawford Wynne, private investigator Tess Grey is in no position to refuse. Wynne is one of the few men still alive who can help the State nail vicious drug lord Alberto Suarez.
But Tess is not the only one trying to track Wynne down.
Suarez's psychotic brother Hector has been hunting and butchering anyone who is a danger to his brother. Tess needs help and there's only one man she can turn to: Southern renegade ex-con Nicolas Villere, known to all as Po. Po always gets his man, but he has never been teamed with a woman before.
Both have their own agenda for taking on this case, and neither fully trusts the other. But of one thing they are sure: if they don't cover each other's backs, they are both going to die. Out Now in Hardback in the UK. Ebook and World edition to follow February 2016.

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